BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. offers its clients all kinds of corporate agency services. There are four main groups of these services:

Reconciliation of the joint stock company Register of members with the Central Securities Clearing and Depository House data base, including the following

  • assignation of the CFI code and the ISIN number for every security issued hitherto;
  • opening the issuer securities account at the Central Securities Clearing and Depository House;
  • registration of all issues of securities through the reconciliation of the register of members process;
  • assimilation of different kinds of securities;

Corporate services related with securities already registered at the Central Clearing and Depository House, including the following

  • participation in the processes of updating the Central Securities Clearing and Depository House data base, through the clearing and settlement of mutual debts and claims;
  • issuance and distribution of the Excrepts from the Register of members on the issuer´s request;
  • participation in the processes of paying off the dividend to the shareholders through the delivering the orders to the Central Securities Clearing and Depository House for dividend payment in securities or money, as well as for payment of the coupons and principal ammount of bonds;
  • communication with official institutions, such as: the Republic of Serbia Securities Commision, the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House, the Belgrade stock-market with purpose of providing clients with all latest information about questions related to Issuer´s securities;
  • notification about main events: the date of shareholder´s Assembly meetings, the Announcement for making the representative statement etc.;
  • preparation and realization of the Bid for acquistion of the company´s own equities pro rata;
  • corporate services related with the homogenization of securities processes;

Other corporate agency services, including the following:

  • admission to the Belgrade stock-market official listing,
  • composition and update of the Prospectus for securities trading,
  • composition and update of the short Prospectus for securities trading,
  • composition and collection of all necessary documents for the admission on the OTC market listing,
  • all other activities related with the business activities of an Issuer on the Belgrade stock-market,
  • assistance in the processes of composition of the following documents: the Annual operating reports, the Excrepts from financial statements, the six-months business activities plans, the Statements of main events, as well as in the distribution processes of the above-mentioned document to the Belgrade stock-market

As one can see, representation of the joint stock companies at the stock-market represents the essence of the corporate agency services. Choosing the right corporate agent is of main importance for any joint stock company. High-skilled staffs, modern technology, high proffesionality and maximal commitment to client´s needs makes the BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. an ideal corporate agent for your company!

More than a thousand companies had already chosen the BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. for its corporate agent, such as following:

Aroma – Futog ATP Vojvodina – Novi Sad
HUP Novi Sad – Novi Sad Fadip – Bečej
AMB Grafika – Novi Sad Fabrika obuće Antilop – Feketić
Jedinstvo – Vranje Mlinprodukt – Ada
THU Palić – Subotica THUP Park – Novi Sad
Građevinska knjiga – Beograd Požarevac Promet – Požarevac
Novi dom – Beograd Novkabel – Novi Sad
Brixol – Vršac Jugolek – Beograd
Radijator – Zrenjanin Stoteks – Novi Sad
Vojvodinašped – Novi Sad Vršački vinogradi – Vršac
Valjevo put – Valjevo