A basic necessary condition for a security to be listed and traded on the Belgrade exchange market is announcement of the company´s Prospectus. The Prospectus represents an ID of an issuer, because some of the most important data concerning company profile and its business performances are contained in it. As such, it is one of the most relevant sources for investors in making their investment decisions.

The issuer whose equities are traded over-the-counter market is obliged to inform other financial market parcipitants about the main events which could influence the equity price. The issuer is also obliged to update its Prospectus with all the latest balance sheet data at least once per annum.

Informator, the so-called shorter versions of issuers Prospectus could be found at the official Web-page of the Belgrade exchange-market while full Prospectus must be set up both on official Web-page of the company it belongs and at the official Web-page of the Belgrade exchange-market.