BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. is a broker-dealer company from Novi Sad. BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. is actively involved in securities trading over the Belgrade stock-market. BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. is also active in the following fields: corporate agency services, investment and financial consulting services, consulting services concerning privatization, mergers and aquisitions issues and in many other fields related to business activities in the domestic and foreign exhange markets.

With the purpose of improving the realization of its clients´ requests, BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. has established a highly efficient communication with all official institutions responsible for regulation of the domestic exchange market: the Belgrade Stock Exchange, the Republic of Serbia Securities Commision, the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House, the Privatization agency, the Share Fund of the Republika of Serbia as well as with many other institutions of a key importance for functioning and organization of the domestic financial market.

Starting from its clients´ needs for additional informations about the business enterprises legislature and especially about peculiarities of the domestic securities market BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. unites and coordinates joint efforts of the top experts from different fields of law, finance and marketing.

Highly skilled personnel, modern technology, efficient grid of outside associates and full-fledged committment to ethical codes guarantee the top quality of services provided by a BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. to its clients.