BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. is founded in August of 2001. Along with changes in its ownership structure which had occured in 2003. BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. had moved its head office to Novi Sad.

Owners´ timely decision to exploit business opportunities in Vojvodina which at the time was overwhelmed by a tide-wave of privatization processes was another important reason for moving TANDEM´s head office to Novi Sad.

BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. has been a member of the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House since its very beginnigs in 2004. In the same year BDD TANDEM FINANCIAL Inc. had implemented a modern electronic trading application.

In the following years the number of its high-skilled employees constantly grew which enabled the expansion of the standard service package set with a wide range of new services such as: corporate agency services, investment consalting services, services of fundamental and technical analyses etc.